Karla took her first quilting class in 1986 at the store she was working at (Mormon Handicraft) and instantly fell in love with quilting. She enjoyed learning about fabric and how to make templates. Karla worked with her mother Grace, of the Grace Company, at Mormon Handicraft, who always encouraged Karla to develop her skills as a quilter.

Karla taught her first, hand-quilting class named Teeny, Tiny Stitches in 1992.

Each quilt Karla makes tells the history of the Grace Company through the use of new techniques and technologies. Karla loves to challenge herself and will pick a pattern or design that is out of her comfort zone to improve her quilting.

“I want to share my love of quilting with everyone. The most enjoyable part of quilt shows is when quilters share their ideas and artistry. It is a fantastic way to help each other grow and develop new techniques and ideas as well as learn the individual stories of the quilters behind the quilts.

It’s SEW very exciting to be a part of such a great industry and one that I am passionate about.”